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Jul 06, 2019
In Athlete Log
I’m exactly one month post-show now and have finally managed to get my head screwed back on and shake the prep-brain. The daily outbursts of tears and uncontrollable urges to inhale carbs have thankfully stopped and I’m enjoying being back in a structured routine with my training and diet. When my show pics came back, myself and Llew went through them to analyse my weaker areas and come up with a solid plan for my off season ready to hit the stage again for PCA Welsh next year. Having only really been training for less than a year, I wasn’t expecting to have the best physique up there but it really brought to light what I need to work on to have a decent shot at placing- namely my legs, abs and back width. With that in mind, I’ve been putting the extra food (and pizza) to good use in my sessions- going in quite conservative with the weight to start and really focusing on form and execution which also gives me lots of room to push up and hit some big numbers going forward. All in all had a really good month- carbs going up again this week, and sessions are getting harder- watch this space!


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