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Apply Now to Secure Our Next Available Start Date: Monday, 12th June
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Providing the Support & Accountability You Need to Accelerate Your Progress & Guarantee You Results!

Win An All Expenses Paid Trip To Marbella!


Get Ready to TRANSFORM Your Body With Our Exclusive Summer Challenge!

Our team of Expert Coaches are here to Help you Accelerate Fat Loss to get you in the best shape of your life for summer.

You will work directly with Female Physiology Expert Shiv & Our Team, Providing you Everything You Need to Create these Results!

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NOW, This is Your Chance to Join-In & Finally Achieve the Results You have Always Wanted!

Everyone who enters will have the opportunity to create Memories that last a Lifetime as we capture the Results with Professional Photos!

The Best Transformation will win a Luxurious Trip to Marbella worth over £2,000!

+ A Partner/Friend to Enjoy with You!!!

We will Celebrate on the Final Day of the Challenge with a Community Meet-Up at Our Very Own PB Gym in Wales!

You're probably thinking this sounds 'TOO GOOD to be True'
So, Whats the Catch???

Well, YOU Will Need to Work Hard, Communicate with Us & Apply Consistency,

In Return, We will GUARANTEE Your Results AND We will Reward You with £100 HUNDRED POUNDS to Spend on New Clothes to Fit Your New Body!

Don't Miss the Chance to Kickstart your Journey to a Healthier, Happier You.

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A Team Who Have Created 1,000's Of Results...
(We Apologise, You Will Be Scrolling For A While)