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How Much Does Online Fitness Coaching Cost? What you should expect to pay for online coaching...

This is arguably the most important question we (consumers) all want to know the answer to when buying a product or service. That is the topic of price... What is this item or service going to cost me?

Sometimes, depending on the industry, it can be the hardest answer to actually find. Despite it being arguably the most important question.

As a consumer, this can be extremely frustrating for many reasons. Ultimately, we want to all get a fair deal. How can we know that is the case if we cannot compare prices between different companies.

Now, We are going to explain to you why it may be so difficult for you to find out how much a particular product or service costs. In this particular case, we will be discussing the online fitness coaching industry.

Prices are usually not on the forefront of coaches social media accounts/websites NOT because they are trying to scam you, afraid the prices may scare you away or because they don't want their competitors finding out.

It's actually something very simple in the coaching industry, and simply comes down to the fact that this is a 1-1 online coaching service for YOU.

It's almost impossible for coaches to give you a true upfront cost without having an initial consultation. For example, competitive athletes may require daily check ins with multiple adjustments to their plan throughout the day. Compare that to your lifestyle client that just wants to drop a few lbs to feel more comfortable in their clothes.

The TIME spent on each client is vastly different, and therefore the price of the coaching will reflect that.

Another element determining price of a coach will be their experience and results. Let's use a football example for this one. If you were setting up a football team and needed to hire a coach, choosing between Sir Alex Ferguson (arguably the greatest man managers of all time) and Simon from the local leisure team. Who would you expect to charge more?

These qualities of EXPERIENCE and RESULTS is also reflected across every service industry you can think of. In the coaching world, if you are looking to hire the best in the world you should expect to pay anywhere between £600-£1000 per month. On the other hand, if you are looking to work with the newly qualified kid on the block you may find a bargain for £60-80 per month.

Just like every other industry, you get what you pay for.

However, the final ingredient determining a coaches price will be SYSTEMS. These systems in place are there to not only streamline a coaches services but also making it far more user friendly for the clients. Allowing them to easily access information and follow the plans set out with ease.

Highly successful coaches usually have good systems in place, which can also make it more affordable for the clients. This is something we have put a lot of time into at PB Fitness Academy.

Okay, We can FINALLY answer the question for you, and tell you how much online fitness coaching will be.

You should expect to pay anywhere between £120-£300 for a very high quality service of online coaching here in the U.K.

Hopefully this will help you determine a good deal from a bad deal, and spot the bad coaches from the good coaches, especially when it comes down to discussing price.

For those of you interested, here, At PB Fitness Academy our prices range between £125-£140 per month.

We can also honestly say, that since we set up our company, we have only had 1 customer try and knock down our prices. Unfortunately, that customer had never been coached and didn't get to experience what we offer.

After working with clients, we always ask for feedback, especially wondering if they thought they were getting a fair deal with their money. In most cases, we have been told to up our prices in line with the higher end coaches in the industry.

Our goal as a company has always been very clear, and we want to help as many people as we can. This is why we have dismissed that very positive feedback and stuck at our prices that we hope are not only fair, but also affordable.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article.

Llew Gibson - Head Coach at PB Fitness Academy

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