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How to Improve Sleep Quality & Quantity? How to get better Sleep?

Most of us in our lives at some point has struggled with sleep... Whether it's actually falling to sleep, waking up multiple times during sleep or just simply not getting enough hours sleep.

You may have also gone through a period where you actually sleep for a long period of time each night but still wake up feeling very tired.

In this slideshow that has been taken from our Live Team Talk with PB Fitness Academy, we delve deep into what actually defines good sleep, how much we need and more importantly, giving you clear actions to take for free and improve your sleep instantly!

Firstly, you need to stop worrying about the amount of time actually spent 'sleeping'. This doesn't actually tell us anything about how good your sleep actually is.

A few things you can actually measure and track very easily is how many times you wake per night, this is a great indication of your sleep cycles and whether or not you are falling into the later stages of the sleep cycle. AKA the only important part of the cycle.

These days, trackers can accurately detect how much R.E.M Sleep you are actually getting. This is the most important part, essentially where all of the funky stuff happens when it comes to physical and mental recovery.

This is what will directly impact your performance and physique development.

Now you know what to track and how to measure, We need to know what to do to actually take action and improve these markers. Skip through the slideshow above to find some very interesting and impactful ways you can improve your sleep today!! As a little thank you for taking the time to read this blog, We will give you limited access with the link to the private group call to watch the recording, you can get this for free by simply contacting us on our home page! We will send it to you personally, but it's important you keep this link to yourself!

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