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What is a 'Free Meal'? Is the 'Free Meal' the same as a 'Cheat Meal'?

Okayyy, We have all heard of the term 'Cheat Meal' by now... It seems that those words have been accepted worldwide as the correct term to describe a nice meal out, takeaway or even a few drinks.

We are going to explain to you why you should definitely NEVER have a CHEAT Meal...

Instead, you can replace this term with our concept of the 'Free Meal'.

So, What is the difference between a 'Cheat Meal' and a 'Free Meal'? To explain this, I will first need to describe to you what a 'Cheat Meal' actually is in a little more detail.

Usually, a typical cheat meal is when a person that is going through a fat loss phase needs to essentially cheat on their diet to regain sanity and destroy some cravings they have built up over time of restricted dieting.

This more often than not turns into a 'binge' by definition, drastically boosting their calorie intake during that one sitting or couple of hours, leading to a slow down in progression and actually wasting lots of hard work they have put in.

Now, A free meal is a calorie allowance or time allowance for which the client can consume food/calories that has already been roughly factored into their weekly calories.

We use the word 'free' as these calories have already been accounted for, except you dont actually track them. Instead, you can enjoy them guilt free via foods or drinks being mindful of quantity.

This has been proven to show you are less likely to over indulge for the sake of it, simply due to the psychology of the name. This will result in you feeling absolutely horrendous, and very guilty for what you have done. In some cases, this feeling of guilt actually leads to eating even more food.

A cheat implies you are doing something you shouldn't, and whilst that mindset it activated, you have a f**k it moment and decide to cure all of your cravings in a matter on minutes.

The free meal doesn't result in the same drastic outcome. You are more likely to enjoy the meal guilt free and more importantly, still progress towards your goals over the course of the week.

We have actually attached free training plans to our website now for you to download today, so if you found this article interesting, you will no doubt take more value from the download.

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